Complex, Adaptive and Learning Organizations

Whatever the size of your organization, it is a dynamic and complex entity. We provide the know-how and the tools to navigate through complexity and achieve true agility.

  • Custom Solutions

    No two organizations are alike. This is why we do not try to fit your organization into a framework we know well, but instead understand your processes and culture and create a customized framework for your organization.

  • Technical Excellence

    Over the years we have built desktop, web and mobile applications for some of the world's largest companies. We now have products of our own. We give talks at technology conferences all around the world. Whatever your technology needs are, we have the know-how to take you to the next level.

  • Thought Leaders

    You can see us giving talks at technical and agile conferences all around the world. We create new games, workshops and experiences as we believe in training from the back of the room approach. We excel at health and wellbeing of people to remove barriers to organizational agility and efficiency.


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ED is the first and only end-to-end business systems software developed in collaboration with The W. Edwards Deming Institute.

  • View Your Organization as a system

  • Data analytics tools such as control charts, Pareto charts and fish-bone diagrams

  • Continuous Improvement Projects (PDSA Cycles)

  • Psychological tool to create a happy and positive work environment


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LivenUpp is a site that provides information, training, and workshops on how to adopt a proactive approach to energize and improve your health, wellbeing, & resilience. Learn how to:

  • Improve your health and wellbeing, and strengthen your resilience

  • Reduce stress and improve the ability to cope with stress

  • Enhance clarity of thought for innovation and creativity

  • Increase joy, positive relationships, and quality of life

  • Boost efficacy

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