Change Management

Transform Your Business

Change Management refers to transitioning individuals, teams, and/or organizations using methods intended to re-direct the use of resources, business processes, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly reshape a company or organization.

Acquate focuses on change that results in improvement. Our aim is to leave you with a cultural DNA that has a long-term lasting impact. We first take steps to understand your business and processes and align the change with your organization’s aim. Aligning with your aim is crucial to test the change outcomes and to consider the human side of change. People that are committed and supportive make an effective change.

No two organizations are the same. We provide a customized training and mentoring program where people will be trained on the change. Communication is a key foundation and these interactions allow details to be shared and raise people’s confidence. Focusing on change and its effects on people will pave the way for a smoother transformation.

We recommend change projects to be done in small chunks and milestones to alleviate people’s initial fear of change and for the effective absorption by the organization before moving onto the next phases. After all, you cannot run before you walk.

Contact us to start off on the right foot for your transformation and change project.

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Mentoring vs Coaching

Coaching is task oriented, short-term and performance driven. Mentoring is relationship oriented, long term and development oriented.

At Acquate we focus on building relationships and believe in interactions.