From Supermarkets to Today

We are sure you have heard it many times: someone attends an Agile or Kanban course, the participants understand the ideas, but, when they get back to the office, they struggle to implement what they’ve learned. They feel out of their depth. It’s tough. Everyone’s team and organization is different. There is no one-approach-fits-all.

Acquate have designed their training programs to be more hands-on workshops. With years of experience working with all types of companies (from start-ups to Fortune 100 multi-national companies), in a range of industries (including finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing), we know that each business requires a unique and customized approach.

Contact us whether you just want to ask a simple question, bounce an idea off us, or would like to take advantage of our services.

We run one of the most thought-provoking meet-ups in Australia, the Sydney Limited WIP Society. We live and breathe this and are here for you.

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Mentoring vs Coaching

Coaching is task oriented, short-term and performance driven. Mentoring is relationship oriented, long term and development oriented.

At Acquate we focus on building relationships and believe in interactions.