Team Dynamics

It's All About People

Team dynamics are the unconscious, psychological forces that influence the direction of a team’s behavior and performance.  They are like undercurrents in the sea, which can carry boats in a different direction to the one they intend to sail.

Team dynamics are created by the nature of the team’s work, the personalities within the team, their working relationships with other people, and the environment in which the team works.

Acquate has years of experience working with teams at different levels of skill set. These teams can be both local and remote. With our Team Dynamics mentoring program, we aim to instill a culture that promotes collaboration, respect and joy of work.

Our mentoring program is a comprehensive and holistic approach and we take the time to customize our program for your organization. We believe there are no silver bullets or frameworks that are one-size-fits-all.

Contact us to find out how you can take steps towards a harmonious and productive working environment.

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Mentoring vs Coaching

Coaching is task oriented, short-term and performance driven. Mentoring is relationship oriented, long term and development oriented.

At Acquate we focus on building relationships and believe in interactions.