Software and Code Analysis

Quality from the start

Even with the introduction of different software project management frameworks, the applications delivered still do not provide the value the businesses initially hoped for. This is because, software is still developed without any regards to systems and design thinking and is still delivered without much respect to the aim of the organization – if there is an aim defined at all!

Once you reach the end of the product development life cycle and your project goes live, it is now either too late or too expensive to realize and correct the mistakes that have been made.

A more proactive approach could save you a lot of headaches going forward. Let Acquate take a look at your technological projects and give you the insights you need to start on the right foot. As with everything we do, this review will be done with regards to your organizational aim as well as your project’s aim.

You will discover a lot about your organization and the product you intend to create and Acquate will leave you with skills to help you in the future.

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Our Methodology

We use Kanban as our software development method since it brings a level of transparency to the projects and is customizable to fit the corporate culture.

If you want a bit more in depth information on Kanban for software development, take a look at our presentation: Keep Calm and Use Kanban.